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Service and Sales for Raritan Products, Galley Maid Pumps, Delta, Jabsco, Groco, Gianneschi, Flotec, Oberdorfer, Head Hunter and many others.
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Marine Head Pumps     RAZ MARINE specializes in remanufacturing head pumps.

Head Pump Motor Conversion Raz Marine offers 32 volt conversion to 24 volt for your toilet and water pumps. See more on the Conversion of 32V to 24V Pumps page.

    Raz Marine offers you "Better than original" remanufactured head pumps with world class service. We invite you to look over our products.

    Yes, we rebuild pumps and furnish spare and repair parts, but our MISSION is service, to you the customer, wherever you are located. It doesn't matter what time we spend helping you to get your pumps up and running. If telephone troubleshooting fails to help, bring your pump here for a free run-up on our sophisticated test stand.

Before ordering replacement pumps or parts we urge you to go through our "Troubleshooting" section to accurately diagnose the problem.

How to get a pump:
  1. New/Outright ("MP") No core charge
    All parts new (our manufacture)
    Preferred way to get a pump for export when it's expensive to send a core back for 'Remanufactured/Exchange'.
    18 month Limited Warranty

  2. Remanufactured/Exchange ("RM") With core charge
    All parts tested, evaluated, machined as necessary, sandblasted and cleaned to new specifications. New seals, rotors, stators, bearings. Tested for current draw and performance. Painted and detailed as per "New". The RM unit is usually 'Better than original'. Most popular program.
    1-year Limited Warranty

  3. Fix Your Pump ("FYP")
    Time and materials repair. Most economical way to get your pump running. You basically tell us what you want done. We evaluate, dismantle, and clean the received pump. If desired, we can furnish an estimate of needed repairs at that time. We then install new or refurbished/selected parts, reassemble, and test. We can also repaint the unit if you wish. 30-day warranty.
    Raz Marine has the Head and Water Pump Parts you need for repairs or spares. We fabricate many of these parts in-house to the highest standards for years of use. Raz Marine stands by our products, see the Raz Marine Limited Warranty.

OTHER PUMP REBUILDS- Raz Marine also rebuilds many other European and Domestic pumps, including Gianneschi, Flotec/Sears, Jabsco, Groco, Headhunter, and Oberdorfer.
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    Raz Marine stands ready to help you with your Head Pump and Water Pump problems. Contact Raz Marine for answers to your questions on Head pumps and Water pumps. We also offer dockside assistance.

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