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Conversion of 32V to 24V Pumps

Head Pump Motor Conversion
HTS Pump

Water Pump Motor Conversion
MR-7 Water Pump
   Raz Marine offers a flat-rate conversion from 32V to 24V for pump motors. Work will not include any cosmetics or other service; just the conversion. It is necessary to replace the motor armature and field coils with different new/remanufactured ones.

   Replacement solenoids may be needed, sold separately as listed. If other services are requested, or faults are discovered during the conversion, they will be done "Time & Materials", after advising the customer.

Conversion Prices per Pump
Toilet pumps $295
Water pumps $265

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MR 10 Water Pumps
MR-10 Water Pump

Head Pump
Head Pump

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