Raritan Purasan EX Waste Treatment Systems

Improved Design for All toilets and salt, fresh, or brackish water

Onboard sewage treatment device legal for use in any area not considered a Federal NDZ. Neutralizes waste, making it sanitary and safe for boaters and marine life.

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Raritan Purason EX
Purosan EX

Purasan EX


  • New Control indicates when tablets are empty
  • Dispenser can be mounted at any height
  • Solution drains with air pump, lengthening tablet life
  • No metering valve to control water, now fully programmable
  • New tablet packaging eliminates hazmat fees
  • U. S. Coast Guard approved Type I Marine Sanitation Device for vessels up to 65 feet in length - can be used with most marine toilets
  • Treats waste in fresh, salt and brackish water applications
  • Electronically controlled, two minute treatment cycle
  • One Purasan EX can be installed with two toilets
  • Low power consumption
  • Neutralizes bacteria in wastewater
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Alleviates need for holding tanks
  • Each unit is assembled by hand, individually tested and backed by Raritan’s one-year Limited Warranty and legendary technical support team
  • Available in 12 and 24V DC

Purasan EX Current- Brochure & Manuals

Download PDF Purasan EX Brochure
Download PDF Owners Manual- Installation, Specs, Wiring, Exp. View, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Download PDF Purasan Retrofit Tablets System

Purasan 2004-2012 Manual

Download PDF Purasan 2004-2012 Manual

Purasan Pre 2004 Manual

Download PDF Purasan Pre 2004 Manual