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Remanufactured Head Pumps

Remanufactured Galley Maid Head Pumps    Raz Marine has rebuilt and remanufactured head pumps since 1983.

    Raz Marine is leader in the aftermarket of head pumps and replacement parts in the greater Fort Lauderdale area and around the world for decades.

    Raz Marine has all voltages of remanufactured head pumps and Replacement Parts in stock for your convenience.

    Raz Marine offers you top quality remanufactured /rebuilt marine pump products with world class service. We invite you to look over our products. We also offer dock side assistance.

Remanufactured Galley Maid Head Pumps
Before ordering one of our toilet pumps check this
photo for the correct model. Plumbing is a little different.
New Style (upper)

Old Style (lower)


Galley Maid Head Pump Remanufactured/Exchange
Head Pump
12V $898.21   24-32V $835.00
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Must have a usable core.
Inquire for Wholesale Discounts
New Pumps Also Available

Rebuilt Head Pumps
Rebuild Your Pump $Inquire
12V, 24V and 32V only
Must have a usable motor.
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Galley Maid HTS/ Discharge Remanufactured/Exchange Only
12-24-32 VDC
HTS/Discharge head pump
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12V $725    24/32V $690.64
Must have a usable core.
Inquire for Wholesale Discounts
New Pumps Also Available

 AC 110/220 Volts HTS/Discharge Remanufactured/Exchange
115/230 VAC Volts
HTS/Discharge Only $Inquire
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New Pumps Also Available

 AC 110/220 Volts HTS/Discharge 24VDC Holding Tank Pump (Continuous Duty)
Also available with macerator
$Inquire Remanufactured, outright
For Replacement parts for Remanufactured Pumps go to our Parts Page

Raz Marine stands ready with technical assistance in helping you with your Head Pump and Water Pump problems. Contact Raz Marine for answers to your questions on Head pumps.

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