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Sanimarin Toilets Model 48 | Head Replacment
Sanimarin 48 Head The strongly-built, reliable and comfortable SANIMARIN 48 ensures the role of a traditional toilet and proves to be the ideal compromise between comfort and practicality.

Electronic keypad
The new Sanimarin keypad brings together all product functions, simplifying the use of automatic toilets. It notably offers 2 flushing cycles: "Eco" (1.2l of water) and "Normal" (2.2l of water, which can be increased up to 3l), the "Tank Full" light helps you manage the Black Water tank and the "Empty" function to empty the tank in choppy seas.

Sanimarin 48 Technical Characteristics
  • Total time required
    ECO 10 s
    NORMAL 19 s

  • Pumping height
    ECO 10 ft. (3 m)
    NORMAL 10 ft. (3 m)
    EMPTY 10 ft. (3 m)

  • Horizontal pumping distance
    ECO 98 ft. (30 m)
    NORMAL 98 ft. (30 m)
    EMPTY 98 ft. (30 m)

  • Sanimarin Marine Toilets 48
  • Minimum Pressure
    25 psi (1.7 bar)

  • Weight
    52.5 Ibs. (23,8 kg))

  • Water consumption
    ECO 0.31 gallons (1,2l)
    NORMAL 0.58 gallons (2,2l)

  • Electrical consumption
    Elec 0.02 A.h (12 V)
    0.01 A.h (24 V)
    Elec 0.03 A.h (12 V)
    0.02 A.h (24 V)

  • Current consumption
    12 V (260 W) 22A
    24 V (340 W) 14 A

  • Download PDF Sanimarin Installation Manual

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