Raz Marine Policies

Cores, Old Pumps Purchased, Refunds

Please see the Policies for Cores, Old Pumps Purchased, and Refunds below. Contact Us for more information.

Core Deposit

Core must be usable; all pieces/components must be contained in pump. Small deductions will be made for unusable items due to severe corrosion. Severely corroded or destroyed motors will not receive full refund.

Checks will be issued for core refunds usually with in 3 days after we receive core at our facility. Refunds will not be made to credit cards or wire transfers.

Examples of non-usable core:

**Full Refund Not Applicable**

Used Core

Used Cores

24/32 volt $300.00
12 volt $300.00
Water Pumps
All Voltages


Return pump to

Raz Marine, 281 SW 33rd ST, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Old Pump Purchase

We Buy Old Pumps
Old Pumps As-Received

Have you seen old toilet and water pumps sitting in a corner or on a shelf at a marina, boat yard, flea market, or second-hand shop? We urge you to acquire these pieces and get them to us for CASH.

We will pay, depending on condition:

12V head pumps up to $100
24 / 32 V head pumps $50-75
Water Pumps $35-50


30 day refund, less 20% restocking charge

Raz Marine, 281 SW 33rd ST, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Raz Marine stands ready with technical assistance in helping you with your Head Pump and Water Pump problems. Contact Raz Marine for answers to your questions on Head pumps.